Stephen Miller Puts The FBI & DOJ in Check With A Breakthrough Rude Awakening

Right after it was discovered there would be an investigation into whether or not the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to recuse himself. Doing so put to rest any pressure he faced on if the investigation could be conducted without his bias & discretion since he was actively involved with the 2016 Trump campaign.

Fast forward to today and there appears to be a potential scandal that implicates members of the FBI and DOJ, with the expected release of the FISA memo. As President Trump prepares to make the final decision on whether or not it is released, the FBI and DOJ are pressuring the White House not to release it. And with their latest desperate pleads, Stephen Miller noticed something very important that should be taken into account. See Below:



Miller brings up an interesting point!

Afterall, Sessions faced mounting pressure to recuse himself from an investigation (Trump/Russia) that has since proven to be a big fat nothing-burger.  If FBI and DOJ did nothing wrong, as they try to suggest, they should have no problem refusing themselves as Miller pointed out.

Devin Nunes also fired back at the FBI tried to pressure the White House not to release the memo. You can read more about that HERE.

President Trump has already given hint that he will release the memo. And if it does, in fact, get released, it’s probably best that the DOJ and FBI takes Miller’s advice and recuse themselves so the American people and investigators involved can draw their own conclusions. That way, if there was any wrongdoing, it can be prevented from EVER happening again.

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