Nunes Says This Is Only The Tip of the Iceberg & Discloses His Next Target

Photo Credit: Fox Screen Grab, Twitter, USA for Trump Compilation

Devin Nunes set off a storm with the FISA memo, which now has the whole nation talking. Reactions have been split, with many saying this is a major break through and there should be prosecutions. While others, mainly from the left, are saying this is a bunch of nothing.

Nunes has come under harsh attack from the left since the memo’s release, with some even going as far to say he is a Russian agent. Brett Baier was able to have a moment to ask Nunes about what he thinks about the aftermath of the release and what comes next. And what Nunes said will likely not cause the situation to simmer down. In fact, it appears that this is just the beginning. See The Video Below:


Devin Nunes appeared calm and collected in his interview, despite the new BOMB he dropped on the State Departmemt. Nunes said the recent memo release “completes the FISA-abuse portion” of the investigation and stated:

“We are in the middle of (what he calls) Phase Two of the investigation, which involves other departments. Specifically the State Department. Some of the involvement they had in this. That investigation is ongoing.”

He then asked Nunes what he thought about the barbs that have come out regarding people calling him a Russian agent and others, like Nancy Pelosi, saying he should be fired and Nunes’ response was epic.

Nunes said it’s “quite enjoyable because we have the underlying facts.” And he continued on saying:

“You know you’re over the target when you are attacked from all sides.”

Wow! It’s great to see key Republicans, like Nunes,  step up and show that strong backbone that many Americans have been waiting for.

Grab the popcorn! Nunes is up to something huge and he doesn’t appear to be in the mood to let anyone or anything stand in his way.

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