James Woods Gives His Fans GOOSE BUMPS With This Compassionate Viral Tweet About Pres Trump

Image Source: 2017 Writers Fuild Of America; YouTube Screen Grab

No one in liberal Hollywood has more common sense or telling it like it is than patriot James Woods. Over the last two years Woods has become a conservative hero on Twitter.

Woods calls the liberals out continuously for their corrupt nonsense, time after time. Furthermore, he’s not afraid to tweet about it. Tweet on James!

In a recent tweet, Woods comes forward praising President Donald Trump and triggering liberals all at once. It’s epic.

He said:

“Economy is strong, unemployment lowest in half a century, ISIS virtually destroyed, illegal imigration being contained, jobs and manufacturing returning to highest levels in eight years, criminals from Clinton/Obama era being identified. Life is good.

(See Below)

BOOM! James Woods is SPOT ON! No explanation needed.

President Trump is making America great again as promised and draining the swamp.

Life IS truly good.

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