Behar’s Comment On Pence & Christianity Is So Appalling Even Dems Are Condemning Her

Joy Behar attacks Vice President Pence and the Christians of America. Photo Credit to IJR and The View.Joy Behar attacks Vice President Pence and the Christians of America. Photo Credit to IJR and The View.

Joy Behar of The View, attacked conservative Christians, specifically the Vice President during a segment that was based on something Omarosa had said. Let that sink in.

On another low-ranking show, Omarosa said that Vice President Pence thinks “Jesus tells him to say things.” Really? How she came to that conclusion is beyond anyone’s belief, but Joy Behar gladly used it in her attack.

This circular rumor mill is exactly the type of thing Joy decided would help increase her ratings. Basically, The View’s ratings are so poor they do not even show up on ABC’s top 18 list! To see the current rank click here.

Joy rips VP Pence and Christianity in one fell swoop. Watch the Video Below.

During the failing shows segment, Joy said the following.

 “It’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct. Hearing voices.”

Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov, a Democrat Fox contributor on Hannity, were discussing the fated show and the attack on Christianity. Jesse and Hannity both made the point that attacking Christians in America is probably not a wise move. Additionally, Jesse added that if Joy had attacked Muslims then the left would fire her! Watch the video below.h/t Fox News

THIS is why The View’s ratings are tanked. Jesse Watters said he felt like he needed to wash his hands after the segment.

Jessica Tarlov, a Democrat, said at the end of the segment, “How do you think I feel every day?” Sounds like Jessica is tired of defending the far left too!

Pastor Jeffress responds to The View who says Christians are tired of getting bullied in the Public Square

Pastor Jeffress says that if Joy Behar continues to attack Christians the phenomenal will happen! He predicts that President Trump will become POTUS in 2020 again. And then we will all see Vice President Pence in 2024! (Watch the Video Below.)

To read more click here. If you glad to see the media stepping up in defense of Christians nationwide then drop a comment below.

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