Ted Cruz Sets Internet On Fire, Wipes Smirk Off CNN Reporter’s Face In Humiliating Fashion

Source: Screenshot

Ted Cruz has had enough of CNN’s half-truths and outright lies.  After they launched another spurious attack against him he went nuclear on their heads.

After the horrible tragedy in Florida yesterday, one would think the media would at least play it fair.

The nation is hurting and the media should do their job, not launch attacks against the GOP.

CNN wasn’t ok with just sensationalizing the tragedy for profit, they decided to go after GOP politicians and try to blame them somehow for this terrible tragedy.

But Ted Cruz wasn’t having it this time and set them straight.

Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media analyst, made the ridiculous claim that Ted was ducking CNN.

Ted Cruz was not pleased.

Of all the things you can say about Ted Cruz, and the media has never been shy about attacking him, he never ducks the media.


So he promptly wiped the smirk off CNN’s Brian Stelter face with his humiliating answer:

Boom. Good work, Ted.




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