Liz Wheeler BURSTS Planned Parenthood’s Bubble With Common Sense Proposal For Our Youth

Planned Parenthood Activists and Liz Wheeler via Odyssey Online and Facebook

School shootings that plague America, like the one that recently occurred in Florida, are never easy to stomach. And whenever one goes down, the national debate gets reopened on how we can help prevent it from ever happening again.

Democrats often point to guns as being the sole problem and blame the NRA. Republicans, on the other hand, often take the approach that there needs to be more security at schools, even if it means having armed school officials. Liz Wheeler of One America News Network has been sounding off about this subject lately. And what she just proposed may seem a bit extreme, but actually makes sense if you really wrap your head around it. (See Below)

Liz Wheeler Proposes A Solution To School Safety

Wheeler threw out a couple of jabs after many on the Left blamed President Trump, the NRA and Republicans for the recent school shooting. Critics included celebrities like Chelsea Handler, which can be seen HERE, politicians and even sources within our very own mainstream media.

Wheeler was not having it, she began to chime in to the debate and started it off by saying, “Why not blame the politicians who voted to make schools gun free zones?” And then dropped an explosive idea when she said:

“I have a great idea. Why don’t we take the $500,000,000 we give Planned Parenthood every year & use it to hire armed security guards for schools.” See Below

Wheeler then continued her counter attack when she stated:

“Funny how none of the mainstream media outlets have reported that none of the mass shooters in modern history were NRA members… as the media blames the NRA.”

See Below

Wheeler’s points can’t go unnoticed. Especially since there has already been talk of completely defunding Planned Parenthood, which almost happened in 2017 as there was a clause in the GOP’s Health Plan to defund the controversial organization.

Planned Parenthood faced major uproar when allegations and videos surfaced that suggest the organization was selling fetal body parts for cash. That, among many other of their practices that go against the moral standard of majority of Americans’, are reason for calls of their defunding.

Now that school safety is back in the spotlight, Wheeler’s proposal on where to get billions of dollars to make our schools safer makes sense. Afterall, shouldn’t we do all we can to protect our youth? Perhaps this will be a wake up call for lawmakers to second-guess their stance on Health Care and make things happen in 2018 for the sake of America’s children.

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