PINK SLIP READY: Sara Carter Unveils Top Secret That Robert Mueller Doesn’t Want Out

Image Source: Screen grab and Reuters. Collaborated by USA 4 TrumpImage Source: Screen grab and Reuters. Collaborated by USA 4 Trump

Bob Mueller’s legal team is a complete partisan sham. His lead prosecutor, Andrew Wiesmann has a history. And, oh what a history it is!

Clearly, Andrew Weismann is a special counsel partisan hack. Seriously, this is the best non-partisan Mueller could come up with to potentially target POTUS for ‘Russian Collusion’ and obstruction? The special counsel does not appear to be fair. (VIDEO BELOW)

Andrew Weismann is Mueller’s choice for lead prosecutor on the special counsel. Or as the NYT calls him, “Mueller’s pitbull.”

Also, Hannity had the power team of Sara Carter, Greg Jarret and Sebastian Gorka on his show Friday night.

Accordingly, Sara dropped a BOMB on the whole obstruction and collusion witch hunt. Bob Mueller’s lead prosecutor has a VERY shady past. In her EXCLUSIVE report, Carter states:

“The top attorney in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s office was reported to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General by a lawyer representing whistle blowers for alleged “corrupt legal practices” more than a year before the 2016 presidential election and a decade before to the Senate Judiciary Committee.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Weismann is the Counsel to find Russian Collusion or Obstruction by POTUS.

Additionally, Hannity, went on to explain WHY Weismann is shady. Check out the list below and ask yourself, “Would this prosecutor be impartial toward the President Of The United States of America?” h/t Fox News/Hannity.

* Weismann has donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to the DNC and other Democratic candidates, like Obama.

*Also, the Wall Street Journal reported, Weismann attended “the election night party for Hillary Clinton”! (VIDEO BELOW)

* Additionally, Weismann praised Sally Yates, then DOJ acting Director Attorney General for defying President Trump’s travel ban. And in an email, Weismann responded, “I am so proud”. Also reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Hannity describes the shady background of Mueller’s ‘pitbull’.

*Weismann has a known “sketchy” reputation. He jailed four innocent Merrill-Lynch employees. Weinstein’s lawsuit was overturned by 5th circuit court of appeals.

*Also, he has an aggressive style which led to downfall of Arthur Anderson. Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs. The SCOTUS overturned Weinstein 9-0.

Sara Carter, investigative reporter has been hard at work again for the American people!

*Sara Carter investigated the 1997 case where Weismann was “officially reprimanded by the Judge in eastern district of New York for withholding evidence on an FBI case.” 

*Finally, Sara Carter’s investigative skills discovered the shady Weismann for who he is. For this reason, Schoen has called for Weismann to be investigated for alleged past misconduct. A definite win for the side of right!

Watch the Video Below:

In ending, it appears the Mueller special counsel has partisan attack dogs. Correspondingly, they are trying to attack POTUS. Perhaps, it is time to clear them all out of our Government. Finally, it is hard to fathom that with all this time and money all Mueller and his gang can come up with are 13 trolls who reached less than half a percent of Facebook users.

Also, drop a comment below. Let us know if you are glad Sara Carter is out there digging up who the ‘special counsel’ players really are!

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