WATCH: Network Digs For Trash In Actual Trash Cans For Fake Russian Troll News

CNN dumpster dives for news in Russia. Screen Grab by USA4Trump.CNN dumpster dives for news in Russia. Screen Grab by USA4Trump.

CNN sent their reporter, Matthew Chance, to St. Petersburg to locate the office where the 13 indicted Russian trolls allegedly ran their operations.

Matthew begins with what he calls the location, “a very secretive, incident research agency building on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.”  (Video Below)

CNN Digging For Trash In Actual Trash Cans For Russian Troll News

Chance says there are things “you can learn a lot about an organization from the rubbish it throws out.”

CNN actually paid a “journalist” to search through the trash of a building with a sign that says “for rent” on it that is  “believed to be that paid internet trolls” building named in the indictment.

Just a thought…could it be that the place was rented and that’s why there are new computers? A new tenant moved in? Not to mention, the gentleman who said he wasn’t a troll! WOW. CNN will literally, take the baby out with the bath water! (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch the video below as CNN Dumpster Dives!

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