Right After Reporters Stormed Him, Pres Trump Revealed Exactly How He’s Going To Protect The Safety Of Children

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Friday morning, President Trump responded to reporters about the recent school shooting in FL right before his speech at CPAC.

President Trump is a leader and will do whatever it takes to protect the safety of children along with all American’s. (VIDEO BELOW)

As he responded to the reporters, the President doubled down on background checks saying, “we certainly have to strengthen background checks. Everybody agrees with that. We’re going to be making background checks very, very strong.”

President Trump will put pressure on Congress to do their jobs. No more sitting around doing nothing with this President.

Then, he took a jab at Scot Perterson who didn’t go into the school and try to help. “When it came time to get in there and do something, he didn’t have the courage, or something happened. He certainly did a poor job.”

He said that schools have to have some form of protection. They can’t just be open-ended gun-free. Gun-free is an invitation for these crazy people to just come in and shoot. (VIDEO BELOW)

When pressed about the NRA, President Trump didn’t cower down or blame the NRA like the left is doing. He said, “The NRA is composed of people that I know really well. These are good people. In many cases great people. They’re patriots. They love our country. The NRA wants to do the right thing.”

President Trump has kept his word on everything he’s promised to America. He will find a solution for the safety of children at school, and he will fix it.

Watch Below:

We are so lucky to finally have a President who keeps his word and is working for the American people. Drop a comment below and SHARE if you are proud of our President.

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