Blitzer & Co. In BLIND RAGE After Rush Drops A Fresh New BOMB

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Friday on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh described CNN as having a ”literal, trashy, garbage existence.”

He laid down the hammer saying exactly what we are all thinking. (VIDEO BELOW)

Rush Limbaugh and most of America agrees that CNN has become so consumed by their hatred of President Trump. Everyone at the network has “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Rush began his show by applauding Trump’s CPAC speech, then he slammed CNN’s town hall on the Parkland shooting, declaring that it was nothing but terrible, nasty, anti-gun mind control.

He went after fake news CNN after they published an article titled Trump’s language on school shooter’s mental health could be harmful, experts say,” claiming that Trump and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch are not helping.

“Are you kidding me?!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “So CNN in its literal, trashy, garbage existence has to tweet out last night – they are so poisoned and obsessed with hatred for Trump that they’re now coming to the defense of the shooter!” (VIDEO BELOW)

We have a major news network which is on the verge of descending into its own mental illness, and it’s everybody that works there.”

“It is an almost uncanny thing, and everybody that works there, there isn’t a single exception. I don’t care what time of day or night you watch CNN, you are being treated to entire, full-fledged, undiluted, raw delusionment. Unhinged mental illness is the only way to describe it.”


You don’t want to miss this.

I find myself asking: Are there meetings every day with the staff at CNN for guidance and instruction, or are they individually capable — as human beings — of acting this totally in a deranged way in unison individually? 

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