Mark Levin STUNS The Audience When He Reveals Just How Pro-Trump He Really Is

Mark Levin and Donald Trump, via CPAC Screen Grab and The Telegraph

Mark Levin got his turn on stage at CPAC 2018 and during his brief appearance he shocked the audience when he revealed how much his support for President Trump has strengthened.

During the 2016 primaries, Levin is known to have been a harsh critic of Trump and often voiced his worry that Trump is not conservative enough to represent the Republican party. He endorsed Ted Cruz but then endorsed Donald Trump after Trump won the Republican nomination. Trump, however, has since proven Levin wrong and Levin finally openly showed how much he has grown to respect our America First President. (VIDEO BELOW)

During his interview with his wife, Levin warned Americans about the crucial time we are living in right now and how lucky we are to have Trump as our President. Levin, who formerly worked for Ronald Reagan, said:

“We are at a precipice right now. We have a President of the United States who I don’t think is a philosophical conservative but he does conservative things. And he is a President who sees the danger of the Left. We have a President who understands North Korea, Iran, China, Russia like no previous President since Ronald Reagan.”

“We have a President who understands the cradle of human existence…where it came from: Israel, Jerusalem, The Middle East.”

“And you have a President who has said like no other President, “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. And by God, I’m saying it’s the capital of Israel. And not only that, I’m putting an embassy there and I’m putting it there in May whether the Palestinians like it or not.”” (VIDEO BELOW)

Levin then touted President Trump for sticking to the Constitution by appointing “constitutional originalists on the courts.”

And Levin commended the President for going after Washington bureaucrats and spending “half of his time trying to undo the disasters that Barack Obama put in place.


Mark Levin’s CPAC Interview

It’s great to see some of America’s most self-proclaimed Constitutional Conservatives warming up to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Trump has been a man of his word and gave up everything to fight for the American people and the Constitution that protects us.

With Levin fully on board, this is a great sign that many of the former Anti-Trump Republicans will be there to back individuals running in the 2018 elections to help the President’s agenda, as Democrats continue to do all they can to divide America.

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