Green Beret Bobsledder Gets Revenge After His Kids Are Blasted For Sitting With Ivanka

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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and First Daughter Ivanka Trump left for the closing ceremonies last Thursday.

As reported by the Daily Caller “The purpose of the trip is to cheer on American athletes and then celebrate the U.S.-South Korean alliance,” a senior administration official said, adding that Ms. Trump is scheduled to dine with South Korean president Moon Jae-in Friday.”

Ivanka does the amazing! And the haters came out to hate on her.

Yesterday, Ivanka spent the day with one of the bobsled team’s children. Consequently, Ivanka, the children and Nate Weber, 2018 Olympian, USA Bobsled National Team, Special Forces, and an American from Colorado USA, LOVED it!

Nate was so thrilled with what a wonderful time his children enjoyed with Ivanka that he posted on his Twitter account about the great time his family had with Ivanka! See tweet below. 

“Regardless of your politics you have to admit that it’s pretty cool when invites your kids to watch the with her. It was an amazing experience for them.” See Below

Bringing the Country together only for the hard left to turn it divisive. Will they every stop? 

Obviously, Weber was disgusted by the negative comments by the hard left. He and his children were insulted by them on twitter. Weber’s response was to troll them a little harder! He then tweeted with a photo! The joy on everyone’s faces are clearly evident. But this did not stop the trolls from trolling!

“Here’s another tweet for everyone that didn’t like being absolutely wonderful to my children. Her and my daughters were like best friends today. It was a truly special experience for them. #thankyou See Below

Twitter user, Michael James Reed decided to jump into the fray and insult the Bobsledder and his family and Ivanka. He even sported the Russian troll hash tag (#NotMyPresident) who were indicted last week! One can only imagine, that Michael’s knowledge base is so weak that he didn’t even realize it! This is what he said:

“Nope, won’t admit that at all. Score one for Ivanka and the fun publicity photos she and her buddy got though. and

Nate Weber responded to him and with grace and logic swatted the Russian troll advocate down in one fell swoop!

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