MEGA SHIFT: Tapper Sides With Conservatives, Lambasts Farrakhan After Billy Graham Attack

Image Source: Twitter & Screen Grab; edited and collaborated by USA 4 Trump

On Wednesday, Jake Tapper of CNN came forward, shedding light on and condemning Louis Farrakhan.

This is quite unusual considering many in the mainstream media usually wouldn’t touch it, as they remain silent.

However, Tapper called out Louis Farrakhan on Twitter for making bigoted remarks against Jewish people and white people, in a speech over the weekend.

Jake may be trying to get fired from CNN. After his recent interview with Sheriff Israel, and now this? He may have one foot out the door, and who has finally seen the light.

Tapper sent out a series of tweets with video clips of Farrakhan over the weekend.


Tapper pointed out that news broke in January that Barack Obama met with Farrakhan and posed for a photo with him.

Image Source: Twitter

Farrakhan, a leader in the Nation of Islam religion, has a long history of incendiary quotes against Jewish people, gay people, and white people.

We APPRECIATE this new side of Tapper we’re seeing. They’re not going to stand for him going against CNN’s narrative for long. Be careful Jake, and welcome to the real world.

(H/T The Daily Caller)

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