Mike Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Senate Vote, Giving Republicans Another Key Victory


Mike Pence was part of another symbolic victory for Republicans.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted on whether or not to confirm Russ Vought as deputy director for the Office of Management and Budget, which is the largest office within the Executive Office of President Trump and produces the President’s budget, among many other functions. Video Below

Majority of Senate votes were needed to confirm President Trump’s Nominee for the post, but with 2 Republicans out (John McCain and Mike Rounds), Mike Pence had to make the tie-breaker vote. This gave Republicans the 50-49 victory, allowing Vought to be confirmed.

All Democrats voted against Vought’s confirmation, which came to no surprise as they continue their resistance effort.

This marks the 9th time Mike Pence has casted a vote to break the tie. And Pence, thrilled with the victory, released the following statement along with a short video:

“Proud to cast the tie-breaking vote in the U.S Senate to confirm my friend Russ Vought as the deputy director for the Office of Management & Budget. He brings integrity & a servant’s heart to the job. @POTUS & I are confident he’ll serve the American people well in this new role.” Video Below

Pence Announces Russ Bought As Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget

As per Wikipedia:

Prior to his nomination, Vought served for seven years as the vice president of Heritage Action. He has also served as the executive director and budget director of the Republican Study Committee, as the policy director for the Republican Conference of the United States House of Representatives, and as a legislative assistant for U.S. Senator Phil Gramm.

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