Swamp Set To Self-Drain After Gaetz Pulls Out MASTER-TRICK From Schiff’s Playbook

Image Source: Left-Facebook, Right- Project Republic. Edited & Collaborated By USA 4 Trump

Rep. Matthew Gaetz (FL-R) just trolled Adam Schiff (CA-D) on the House floor and it was big league!

Gaetz filed the SAME legislation Schiff wrote and wanted in 2013. (VIDEO BELOW)

In 2013, Adam Schiff wanted Obama to be able to appoint FISA Judges.

Fast forward to today. Adam Schiff’s own legislation for Obama is now filed for President Trump to have those same powers instead.

Gaetz stood on the House floor Tuesday, and in his one minute of allotted time, he transformed into Troll Master BLASTER. And, WOW! This is hilarious and AWESOME!

Subsequently, Gaetz laid out the blockbuster announcement bringing down the house. We can only imagine Schiff’s face was probably melting. With a twinkle in his eye, Matthew laid it all out and never let up. (VIDEO BELOW)

There is no Constitution loving American who is not going to love what Gaetz packed into his one minute speech.

Gaetz started by addressing Paul Ryan saying, “Mr. Speaker of the House of the United States of America, CASH and a Political Party never should be convertible to a warrant to spy on American citizens.” 

Additionally, he continued, “We should be looking for Bi-Partisan solutions. And I found that in 2013, the gentleman from California, the ranking member of the House Intelligence committee, wanted to give the President Of The United States, the power to appoint FISA judges.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Matt continued, “He [Schiff] argued that then Judges would be more ideologically diverse. They’d come from different areas of the United States. And, they would be subject to Senate confirmation.” 

Then, Matt laid it out. He roared, TODAY, I FILED THAT LEGISLATION. And, I would encourage the Gentleman from California to join me as a co-sponsor so that we can advance bi-partisan legislation to improve the FISA process.”

Lastly, Matt concluded,Because Mr. Speaker, if it was good enough to give President Obama these powers, then it is good enough to give President Trump these powers!” 

Like a BOSS, watch Gaetz put Schiff on FULL BLAST! (VIDEO BELOW)

In closing, do you LOVE the way Matt trolled Schiff on his own policy from 2013?

Does Gaetz have a point that if it was good enough for Obama, then Schiff should join him in co-sponsoring the bill? Drop a comment below and let us know. Click HERE to read more about what Gaetz is doing for us.

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