Alec Baldwin Viciously Attacks Melania After Feud With President Trump Backfires

Source: Screenshot

Alec Baldwin just jumped the shark and went a bit too far in his feud with President Donald Trump. These two celebrities went at each other on twitter today and everyone left happy.

Except for Melania.

Baldwin got to rip Trump and actually give as good as any has got with Trump on Twitter, delighting his liberal base.

Trump got to make his followers laugh at the desperation of the Hollywood crowd with another patented takedown.

It is actually a symbiotic relationship the media and Trump have – it wouldn’t work without the right amount of mutual respect and mutual hatred each side brings to the table.

Trump fired the first shot:


Baldwin fought back:



But it was when he went after Melania that he lost most of the nation – what did she ever do to him?


Nice huh?


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