Another LEAKER DOWN! Nobody Can Believe Who The DOJ Just Caught Redhanded

Image Source: USA 4 Trump

Whoa! Andrew McCabe is in TROUBLE with a capital “T”! McCabe has been identified as a major LEAKER!

And, he has been detected for misleading watchdog investigators in media leaks.

The Daily Caller, reports:

“The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog will criticize former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for authorizing leaks to the media and giving misleading statements to investigators about doing so, according to two new reports.

McCabe, 49, authorized FBI officials to speak to the media for articles prior to the 2016 election, including one about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to a report being prepared by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

The FBI No. 2 also misled watchdog investigators when they initially asked about the media disclosures, according to The Washington Post.

The New York Times also reported details of Horowitz’s report, which is expected to be released in March or April.”

Remember in December McCabe spoke to the Congressional watchdogs? 

After spending over 16 hours embroiled in congressional interrogations, Andrew McCabe, has emerged with a sudden desire to RETIRE from the FBI. Like a snake ready to slither away from his kill, he would like to hide with a hefty retirement on our dime! Really?

To hear the left media arm tell it, McCabe is innocent of any wrong doing. And, he is a great servant of the country and deserves none of the criticism by the evil Republicans. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

The behavior of the Obama-era FBI and DOJ are akin to the wayward and unethical politics in NOKO. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for America

Also, recall in JANUARY McCabe RESIGNED.

Andrew McCabe stepped down from his position at the FBI in January. Rumor has it is because Horowitz discussed the situation with Christopher Wray.

According to Fox News, “McCabe stepped down as deputy director in January after FBI Director Christopher Wray was briefed on Horowitz’s findings. An Obama appointee, Horowitz has been investigating the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation since Jan. 2017.”

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