Right After Oscars, Michelle Malkin Comes Forward Wiping Smirk Right Off Of Hollywood

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Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox News early Monday morning.

Moreover, she was on a serious ROLL about the hypocrisy of Hollywood after Sunday night’s Oscars. (VIDEOS BELOW)

During her interview, she was asked about the armed security at the Oscars. And Michelle put Hollywood on FULL BLAST for their utter phoniness.

In turn, Michelle tweeted this simple thought:

“Hollywood celebrities pushing gun control tonight at Oscars: Armed security for We, but not for Thee.”

(See Tweet & Videos Below)

As the interview began, Michelle was asked if she watched the Oscars. Of course, her response was absolutely honest.

She said, “[I] skipped over that and scrolled my twitter feed and got everything I need to know from THAT!” 

Next, she answered the question about the armed security at the Oscars, she replied, “You know 500. A phalanx of 500 law enforcement officers both locally from the LAPD as well as FBI agents. They were armed to the teeth!” (VIDEOS BELOW)

In the end, Michelle laid down the Holy Grail of gun control grabs in our Country and SHUT the liberal left DOWN with their virtue signaling.

Likewise, she said, “Can you imagine if every American school were as protected, as the Oscars, event?(VIDEOS BELOW)

Also, Michelle was honored with an award last week for a documentary she made on commercial fishermen. In addition, the documentary points out how they are treated by the environmentalists. And how the industry is so regulated- that the commercial fishing industry is literally “drowning in regulations.”
Additionally, Michelle was happy to put her award winning documentary on her YouTube channel, and NO CHARGE TO YOU! (Watch her documentary below!) 

In closing, did you watch the Oscars last night? Or, did you skip it too? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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