What Trey Gowdy Just Admitted Likely Threw Adam Schiff Into A Nervous Wreck

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Leaks have been a major problem throughout the course of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on top of the investigations we have seen play out in Congress over the past year.

Trey Gowdy has continually voiced his disgust with leaks since they began occurring, and he’s now to the point where he can only call out those who are directly responsible for the acts of disgrace. (Video Below)

On Tuesday, when interviewing with FOX News, Gowdy was asked why a second special counsel is necessary and why Congress can’t do it themselves. Gowdy’s response was classic. He replied:

“Anyone who’s watched Congress over the last 12 months–we leak like sieves. And I say ‘we’ only because I’m a member of Congress.”

“…serious investigations don’t leak. The executive branch investigations, whether it’s your local district attorney or whether it’s Bob Mueller. There are far fewer leaks from Bob Mueller than there are from Adam Schiff.

“So, we don’t have the tools. We don’t have access to a grand jury. We can’t grant immunity, we can’t compel testimony. And–we’re not–we don’t prosecute crime. So, there are 1,000 reasons to let the executive branch or special counsel handle this as opposed to Congress.” (Video Below)

Watch Video – Gowdy Calls Out Leaker Congressman Adam Schiff

Gowdy is one of many Republicans who are calling on Jeff Sessions to appoint a second special counsel and on Sunday discussed why it’s necessary more now than ever. You can read more about that HERE.

What do you think about what Trey Gowdy said about Adam Schiff? Are you ready for the investigation to be out of the hands of our leaky Congress? Scroll down below and let us know.

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