Social Media Erupts After News Of NOKO/Trump Meeting Breaks

Social Media's first reactions as news is released that Kim Jong-un will meet with POTUS. Photo credit to USA for Trump Compilation.Social Media's first reactions as news is released that Kim Jong-un will meet with POTUS. Photo credit to USA for Trump Compilation.

Social media was ON FIRE last evening as the news that Rocket Man caved to President Trump! Kim Jong-un has told South Korea that he wishes to meet with President Trump before May. Furthermore, Rocket Man has conceded to stop nuclear tests while under negotiations.

Perhaps, the threat of uprising from his starving population is, in part, what caused Kim to come to his senses. One thing is certain, President Trump of the United States of America took care of it where other President’s failed.


We will begin with Sarah’s father. Mike Huckabee! In his usual witty style, he nailed CNN’s attempt at a pivot!

“Pray for me! I’m being rushed to the Cardiac Unit right now. I just heard a CNN contributor actually admit that and his policies get credit for the historic North Korea breakthrough. I hope I get to ER in time!”

See Below

Paul J. Watson posted the CNN video to Facebook that Huckabee was referring to:

Also, Dennis Miller, stated the obvious as he channel surfed to see the various reactions! (See Below)

“Just listened to the South Korean statement on the Conservative radio station. Moment they wrapped I flipped over to the Liberal station. They were talking about Stormy Daniels. He’s ending them and they don’t even realize it.”

Scott Adams, who wrote the book, “Win Bigly”, also checked in with his assertion of what was going on the left sided media.

“If you aren’t watching CNN pundits trying to explain how the worst president of all time is about to denuclearize North Korea in his sophomore year, you’re missing the show of the year.

Then, Joe Concha, “Media reporter/columnist for The Hill. One of those TV-talking-head types” tweeted the following.

“There is no way that President Trump can be ready, by May, to have a high stakes negotiation on denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, it’s just impossible.” – Samantha Vinograd, former senior adviser on the National Security Council under Pres. Obama, to CNN’s Erin Burnett.

And America quickly stepped up with this ‘best of the best’ comebacks! “There’s no way he can be the nominee, there’s no way he can get elected, there’s no way he can fix the economy, there’s no way he can defeat ISIS, there’s no way he can pass tax cuts, there’s no way he can make us energy independent, there’s no way he can bring manufacturing back.”

And we saved the best for last, Jack Posobiec tweeted these 2 gems!

While social media is erupting with news that Rocket Man is tired of starving and wants to meet with President Trump because of his hard line stance. It’s obvious that POTUS45 is keeping his promises and cleaning up the mess of previous President’s.

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