AMEN! What Trump Just Did For This Woman Will Make Nancy Choke On Her Crumbs

POTUS comforts Tax Cut recipient, Ms. Brazzeal, and listens intently. Photo credit to Washington Post and screen captures. Compilation by US4Trump.POTUS comforts Tax Cut recipient, Ms. Brazzeal, and listens intently. Photo credit to Washington Post and screen captures. Compilation by US4Trump.

President Trump went to Missouri, the ‘Show Me’ state Wednesday, and took joy in hearing from hardworking Americans about how the tax cuts benefits are helping them.

A teary eyed woman who spoke directly to POTUS will melt your heart as he kindly comforted her! (Video Below.)

One thing is certain, President Trump is a GREAT listener!

President Trump sat down with hard working American’s at a round table while business leaders, and local employees joined President Trump at the discussion. They were at the Boeing facility in St. Louis.

And in turn, everyone said their piece. However, when it was a Missouri Cafeteria worker’s turn, she broke down in tears as she told President Trump exactly what she was doing with the bonus she received due to his tax cuts.

Bonnie broke down in tears as she explained to POTUS what his Nationwide Tax Cut had done for her. (Video Below.)

Bonnie Brazzeal said she was “very thankful” for the bonus, and put it toward her retirement. She said the following:

“Mr. President, my name is Bonnie Brazzeal, and I work in the cafeteria at College of the Ozarks alongside the hardworking students. And I am very grateful for the bonus when the college gave it to us and I put mine in savings for my retirement and I want to thank you Mr. President and God bless you.” 

Being in the ‘Show Me’ state, President Trump sure SHOWED HER, what he is doing for her and all Americans. (Video Below.)

Although the meeting focused on Trump’s tax plan, business leaders shared how the Tax Cut would be used to assist their employees. And, the employees shared their stories of how the extra money they received has helped them.

Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, also praised the President for his support for American manufacturing jobs.

This tax relief that Bonnie received was called a “crumb” by Nancy Pelosi but it clearly meant so much to this hard-working woman.

Likewise, this shows just how out of touch the Democrats are to try to stop the tax cuts and downplay their significance.


In ending, did you or someone you know receive extra “crumbs” in your paycheck?

If the answer is yes, then drop a comment below! We would like to hear from you! Also, click here if you would like to see the time Michelle Malkin wiped the floor with Nancy when she doubled down on her “crumbs” statement!

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