Sara Carter’s New Revelation Has The FBI Wishing She Would Zip It

Former Obama-era holdovers continuing to skate orders to turn over McCabe documents. Photo credit to screen capture compilation by US4Trump.Former Obama-era holdovers continuing to skate orders to turn over McCabe documents. Photo credit to screen capture compilation by US4Trump.

Why won’t the FBI reveal the text messages from disgraced former Deputy Director of the FBI?

Sara Carter, award winning investigative reporter, has revealed information that the FBI would prefer no-one knew! SEE BELOW

The American people have the right to know!

Also, for two months Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, has been waiting to see Andrew McCabe’s texts and emails. Judicial Watch sued on behalf of a former senior FBI special agent. The texts and emails revolve around the time that McCabe’s wife was running for the failed Virginia Senate seat.

Sara revealed the communications at that time may have information in them about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Interestingly, the email scandal was conducted at that same time!

Earlier last month, the Inspector General released a report about the misconduct of Peter Strzok. Click here to see the report in full. Additionally, another IG report is expected this month. It is understood that McCabe will be a large part of that report. Continued Below

The McCabe texts and emails are essential to defining if Comey or others were negligent, in part, during the now scrutinized Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Sara reported, “McCabe had the authority to shut down investigations but if it’s discovered that he stopped an investigation for political reasons. Based on his own bias that will be a significant problem for him,” said a former senior government official, with knowledge of the investigation.”

Likewise, Carter reported, “the FBI has been playing games with text messages for some time.”Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch went on to say the following. “The arrogance in refusing to provide any text messages of Mr. McCabe shows a contempt for transparency and the rule of law.”

See Judicial Watch’s tweet below! 

“Andrew McCabe is the outgoing Deputy Director of the FBI whose wife received $700k from Clinton allies & who recused himself from the Clinton investigation one week prior to the 2016 election — and the FBI is stonewalling JW on McCabe’s text messages too.”

In closing, do you think the FBI should release the McCabe texts and emails?

If you do, then call the FBI! Tell them you believe the American people have the right to know what happened during the Hillary Clinton email scandal! Click here for Freedom of Information Act contact information!

In ending, click here to read more about how Sara uncovered Sheriff Israel’s department investigations! h/t Sara A. Carter.

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