Obama’s DOJ & FBI Shiver Out Of Fear After Senators Pound Down The Hammer

Senators Grassley and Graham, Comey, Mueller and Obama, via Screen Grabs, Reuters & NBC

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham are not giving up on their fight to bring out the truth of what all went on to cause a Russian meddling investigation of the Trump campaign and how it was handled. Their 2 main targets are Obama’s DOJ and FBI.

According to The Hill, on Thursday, the two Senators released a joint statement calling for a special counsel to look in to the handling of the investigation headed by the DOJ and FBI. This is despite Jeff Sessions appointing an inspector general to launch an investigation of his own, which is currently underway. See more on their joint statement below.

AG Jeff Sessions has already agreed with Trey Gowdy, that the inspector general doesn’t have the power and jurisdiction that a special counsel would have to carry out a thorough investigation. However, he has repeatedly reminded the American public that the IG has over 500 employees to help out in his investigstion. But obviously that isn’t enough assurance for lawmakers familiar with the matter. You can read more on Trey Gowdy’s argument for a second special counsel HERE.

Grassley and Graham don’t feel an IG is enough. And what they are requesting falls in line with what other lawmakers, such as Trey Gowdy and Matt Gaetz are saying.

As per The Hill, Senators Grassley and Graham, who were joined with Senators. John Cornyn and Thom Tillis, said:

“We believe that a special counsel is needed to work with the Inspector General to independently gather the facts and make prosecutorial decisions, if any are merited. The Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself without these enhanced measures of independence.” Continued Below

The Senators said they have confidence in the IG’s integrity and fairness. However, they believe:

“The Inspector General does not have the tools that a prosecutor would to gather all the facts, such as the ability to obtain testimony from essential witnesses who are not current DOJ employees.”

This new probe the senators are asking for would be additional to the one they requested a month ago. In their February letter to Sessions, Senators Grassley and Graham asked for a probe that focuses on why special counsel Mueller was appointed and other handling that went on related to the Russian meddling investigation.

Several Republicans have put pressure on Sessions to appoint a second special counsel and so far he has not caved. However, just under a week ago, Sessions said he will give the idea “serious consideration.” You can read more about that HERE.

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