FLOTUS Takes Social Media By Storm With A Viral White House Candid Photo

FLOTUS tweets amazing photograph. Feature photo credit to screen capture by US4Trump.FLOTUS tweets amazing photograph. Feature photo credit to screen capture by US4Trump.

When Punxsutawney Phil woke up on February second, he saw his shadow. And true to the legend, six more weeks of winter has reared it’s snow flurried headwinds. Additionally, it did not go unnoticed this morning, by FLOTUS!

From the White House quarters, Melania snapped the most GORGEOUS candid photograph of the grounds! FLOTUS then announced it a “snow day at the White House!” in her stunning tweet! Check it out below!


Snow day ❄️

And according to weather.com this is the fourth Nor”easter this month! Their headline is “Winter Storm Toby Producing Heavy Snow, Strong Winds, That Will Trigger Tree Damage and Power Outages.” A big storm is expected. (Continued below.)

Also, thousands of flights have been cancelled or delayed today. And 60 % of flights have been scrapped at New York and La Guardia airports.

Additionally, New Jersey Governor has declared a State of Emergency. Also, many schools from the mid-Atlantic to New England are closed today.

See tweets below! Many American’s showed their respect and admiration of our First Lady!

To kick things off, John Paul simply stated, “Best First Lady Ever #MAGA.

Additionally, Greg left a nice message saying, “Mrs. Trump – thank you for being the strong first lady that this nation needs. GOD bless your family and you.”

Also, One Nation Under God sent a beautiful meme with an encouraging prayer along with Philippians 4:23!

In ending, Ev simply commented, “beautiful” with a love heart! 

Fox News then reported another photograph of D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial in the storm. 

The Lincoln Memorial is obscured by a spring snowstorm.

In closing, if you are impressed with Melania’s cell phone posting skills from the White House, then drop a comment below! It really is an unusual candid photograph from the private White House quarters!

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