Trump Unloads A Vicious Rude Awakening That Hits Mueller Where It Hurts

POTUS tweets Dershowitz and slams Mueller's entire reason for the special council. Photo credit to screen captures by US4Trump compilation.POTUS tweets Dershowitz and slams Mueller's entire reason for the special council. Photo credit to screen captures by US4Trump compilation.

President Trump was up early this morning and he extended a quote from Professor Alan Dershowitz on the status of the Mueller Investigation.

First, it is important to note the official reason the special counsel was started to begin with. (See Below)

The Official Reason Why the Special Counsel Was Started.

It specially stated, “The investigation is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, including exploring any links or coordination between Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government, “and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation”.

Second, Professor Alan Dershowitz, is a scholar of United States constitutional law and criminal law. And he contends that since there was no crime committed there should never have been a special counsel to begin with!

Of course, POTUS did not miss the opportunity to let America know what Dershowitz thinks about this important matter! (Continued below.)

POTUS Tweets and Mueller gets slammed by Dershowitz and President Trump! (Tweets Below.) 

In a series of two tweets, earlier today, POTUS is letting America know the Mueller Investigation is a complete sham. No matter, how much the left wants to advertise the investigation as being something fruitful!

The bottom line is, there was never any reason to go after the Trump administration with a special counsel. (Continued below.)

Special Counsel is told to find crimes, whether a crime exists or not. I was opposed to the selection of Mueller to be Special Council,” Dershowitz stated.

Dershowitz continued, “I am still opposed to it. I think President Trump was right when he said there never should have been a Special Counsel appointed because…there was no probable cause for believing that there was any crime, collusion or otherwise, or obstruction of justice!”

So stated by Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.” (See video below tweets.) 

Watch Dershowitz discuss the Special Council. (Video Below.)

 Keep tweeting, POTUS, keep tweeting!

In closing, if you agree with Professor Dershowitz and President Trump that the special counsel should never have been authorized in the first place, drop a comment below! Also, if you are FOR Trump’s tweets then let us know!

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