Sebastian Gorka Discovers Easy Way To Humiliate Joe Biden And Expose Him For Fraud He Is

Joe Biden is making the wrong kind of headlines with his nasty threat to beat up President Trump.

It is laughable on so many levels and Trump answered the bell this morning and took him down with a perfect tweet. See Below

Correct. Crazy Joe is in over his head and playing for the Democratic base as he gets ready to take on Trump in 2020.

Biden will lose of course because the Democrats have no platform that connects with the American worker.

How could they after selling us out for the last 30 years?

We are a lot of things but we ain’t stupid and electing a Democrat after all the damage they have done to this great nation would just be stupid.

But it was Sebastian Gorka who hammered the final nail in the coffin that is Joe’s Biden’s career.

Responding to Biden’s scandalous threat against Trump Gorka went on Fox News and humiliated Biden and exposed him for the fraud he really is.

From Fox News:

“Joe Biden [is] the man who got every issue wrong for 30 years,” Gorka said, dropping one of Biden’s nicknames, “lunchbucket Joe.”

Sean Hannity reminded Gorka how Biden has a history of his own off-color remarks.

He mentioned how Biden once made reference to being unable to go into a 7-11 in Delaware without hearing a “slight Indian accent.”

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