Bill O’Reilly Points Out Two Dirty Tricks About Stormy’s Interview That Proves Her Deceit

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The American people don’t care what Donald Trump did years ago before he became President.

However, the mainstream media fights to keep the gossip going as their Russia/Collusion narrative is over.

The mainstream media has run out of ideas and will continue to push anything to make President Trump look bad. They are so desperate to try to ruin Trump’s Presidency, and will continue to not cover the actual achievements that President Trump and his administration are doing.

Stormy Daniels recently interviewed with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Sunday night on 60 Minutes. During her salacious interview, she discussed her alleged one night affair with Donald Trump 12 years ago. CNN is obsessed with this porn star now.

The White House pushed back denying the allegations. In addition “Stormy Daniels” has also denied having any sexual relations with Trump on 2 separate occasions.

But, many are questioning Stormy Daniels statements from her interview. (See below)

Bill O’ Reilly came forward Monday morning slamming Stormy while pointing out her lies during the interview in a tweet storm.

O’Reilly tweeted, “So much for the porn performer on “60 Minutes” who’s story doesn’t stack. She says she didn’t want money to attack Donald Trump but accepted money. She doesn’t want money now either. So why are you on national television with all this garbage? Does that help your daughter?”

(See below)

“If someone threatened your young child with harm, would you not go to the police? Even after you saw the man who did it?”

“So, Anderson, some guy threatened my baby daughter to my face but I was too scared to tell the police but not too scared to tell @60Minutes.”

“Also, Anderson, I never wanted money but accepted money and tried to sell my Trump story to a newspaper. But I never wanted money. Are you hearing me, Anderson???? Honest analysis on” (See below) 

The left’s new obsession is Stormy Daniels because the Russian collusion is dead. They want to find any reason to hate the President and make him out to be the worst person ever.

Stormy Daniels is CNN’s new vessel right now and they are using her like a puppet. In two years she will be broke and a nobody.

We Deplorables elected President Trump to Build the Wall and Drain The Swamp. We did not elect him to be our PASTOR.

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