FBI Makes Unprecedented Move Amid Shocking New Hillary Subpoena

Image Source: USA 4 TRUMP

The Clinton Foundation has been under investigation, and there has been pressure to re-open the Hillary Clinton email scandal as a result of it.

Well, you should not be disappointed, because lo and behold… it has just been reported that the FBI expects to be so busy with the newly released emails that they will need to hire more people!

Moments ago, this tweet was sent out into the Twitterverse! 

“BREAKING NEWS: FBI Doubles Staff In Response To Subpoena For Hillary Clinton Email Probe Documents.” (continue below tweet)

The Hill, reported, “FBI Director Christopher Wray is doubling the number of FBI personnel tasked with responding to records requests from House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), he said in a statement Tuesday night.”

“Up until Tuesday, 27 dedicated staffers were working to process Goodlatte’s request. The committee has received about 3,000 documents so far.”

In closing, if you are really glad to see Wray make this decision and it bodes well, then drop a comment below!

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