After Reporter Disobeyed & Yelled At Pres Trump During Easter Egg Roll, He Immediately Got Issued A Dose Of Reality

Image Source: Left- YouTube Screen shot, Right-Salon. Edited by USA 4 TRUMP

On Monday, President Trump and First Lady Melania hosted dozens of kids at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

During the event, families of reporters, staff and invited guests gather at the White House for a day of Easter activities. (Videos Below)

Image Source: Video screen grab via YouTube White House

At the official egg roll event, the President blows a whistle and children use wooden spoons to roll Easter eggs across the lawn. Some of President Trump’s grandchildren participated this year. (Videos Below)

Image Source: Video screen grab via YouTube White House

After the egg roll, President Trump joined First Lady Melania and his son Barron at a coloring table with approximately a dozen other children. (Videos Below)

Image Source: Video screen grab via YouTube White House

While President Trump sat at the table coloring with the children, CNN’s Jim Acosta (the king of fake news) began shouting questions at the President. (Videos Below)

The other reporters stood quietly while respecting the ceremony, but leave it to Acosta to ruin the fun.

“What about the DACA kids? Should they worry about what’s going to happen to them?” Acosta yelled.

President Trump responded, “The Democrats have clearly let them down.” Then President Trump resumed coloring at the table with his son, wife and other young children.

Acosta didn’t stop there and kept yelling. “Didn’t you kill DACA? Didn’t you kill DACA?”

Benny Johnson from Daily Caller tweeted a video of Acosta’s tantrum.

Afterwards, President Trump’s campaign manager announced they are considering suspending Acosta’s media credentials for “breaking protocol. Brad Parscale is Trump’s 2020 campaign manager and he’s had enough of Acosta.

Brad Parscale tweeted, “Maybe it is time for Jim Acosta to get a suspension for breaking protocol. He continues to embarrass himself and @CNN. Pull his credentials for each incident.”

 President Trump attends White House Easter Egg Roll: (Video Below)

Do you agree it’s time for Acosta’s press credentials to be suspended? Let us know in the comments below.

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