Mueller walking On Eggshells After Mark Levin RIPS The Rug Out From Under Obama

Levin speaks out on Mueller, Obama team and Second special counsel. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.Levin speaks out on Mueller, Obama team and Second special counsel. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

Mark Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan, and he is definitely knowledgeable. Specifically, Mark was in the Department of Justice! If anyone knows when a second counsel should be issued and WHY, it’s Mark Levin.

Recently, Levin went out on a limb and named the names of people in the former Obama-era administration who spied, lied and unmasked!

Mark named names in the OBAMA administration! Specifically, Andrew McCabe, James Comey and John Brennan. He didn’t stop there though and added, Samantha Power, Eric Holder and James Clapper.

All of them are from the previous Obama-era administration! Also, ALL of them are potentially complicit in criminal wrong doing. To read more in depth, click here.

Mark’s focus now, as reported by Fox News in their tweet, is “we need to fix this so it doesn’t happen again.” (See Tweet BELOW.)

Levin issues common sense warning shot WHY a special counsel is preferred to go after OBAMA and company!

While Jesse Watters interviewed the “Great One”, Levin dropped the singularly most important take away from what is happening in the Mueller probe Vs. the corrupt Obama-era probe!

The former DOJ Chief of Staff said: “while Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating to find “excuses for why [his probe] exists”, there may be actual wrongdoing in the case of Obama officials investigating Trump’s team.” See VIDEO below.

In ending, Attorney Jeff Sessions, has assigned a prosecutor to the FISA Abuse case. His name is John Huber, U.S. Attorney. Huber was in the Obama administration. Sessions has reappointed Huber. If the FBI allegations are concrete then Sessions can STILL appoint a second counsel.

If you agree with Mark that there should be a second special counsel if solid evidence is found then drop a comment below!

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