Newly Released Mueller Statement About Pres Trump Puts A Gaping Hole Through Collusion Narrative

Mueller's team tells POTUS's team Trump is NOT the "criminal target" of the witch hunt. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation. Screen grabs from NBC/MSNBC.Mueller's team tells POTUS's team Trump is NOT the "criminal target" of the witch hunt. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation. Screen grabs from NBC/MSNBC.

It’s official! The Mueller team has told President Trump’s lawyers that he is NOT the “criminal target” of the Russia Collusion investigation!

Specifically, this means that if the investigation continues, Mueller’s probe is the very definition of a “witch hunt.”

Do you think Mueller is wrapping it up?

The former FBI Director and current special counsel lead is in the process of writing a report. This may signal the end of the witch hunt.

Meanwhile, his team told President Trump’s lawyers last month that POTUS was NOT the criminal target of the collusion investigation.

Additionally; however, as reported by Fox News, “advisers have cautioned the President that Mueller may be attempting to bait him into agreeing to a potentially risky in-person interview, according to the paper [The Washington Post]”. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

 See Fox & Friends Tweet and VIDEO below: 

Mark Simone issued this tweet citing a CNBC article with a hilarious headliner! Mark tweeted, “Suicide watch at MSNBC/CNN – Mueller says Donald Trump is not a criminal target of his investigation: “Mueller reportedly told Trump’s lawyers the president is not a criminal target at this point”

Representative Pete King (NY-R) who sits on the  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was on Fox early this morning. He said “with over 70 witnesses,  there’s not one bit of evidence that is showing any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” Further confirming that the special counsel investigation needs to end.

Representative King went on to say that Mueller’s witch hunt “is dividing the country” and that it has “spent hundreds of millions of dollars.”


Would you like to see the “witch hunt” end?

Do you think President Trump should speak to the special counsel? Or do you think that he should answer ten questions on paper? In ending, if you would like to see this end, then contact your congressmen and tell them what you want! Click here to access their office information quickly!

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