After Screaming Disgusting Words To Teen Trump Supporters, Karma Strikes TX Elected Official

Councilwoman Burke in Houston area, goes unhinged on Trump supporting teens. Photo credit to screen captures by US4Trump compilation.Councilwoman Burke in Houston area, goes unhinged on Trump supporting teens. Photo credit to screen captures by US4Trump compilation.

Several teens were in line when an elected councilwoman started yelling obscenities at them in Houston, Texas.

Their crime? One of the girls was sporting a tee-shirt that said “TRUMP Make American Great Again”! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

West University Place Councilwoman, Kellye Burke, obviously has a problem with President Trump. KPCR a local TV station investigated!

In the City of West U, Brandon Walker, went to the town square. He interviewed several of the residence there. One of them said, “How dare anyone attack children!” And another resident said, “We need to be tolerant of other’s views.”

An unknown man who was in the line when the teenagers were verbally assaulted by the elected official said, “she [Kelley Burke] came up to them and screamed at them ,’Grab him by the P****, Girls!'”

Then the man who wished not be identified said, “Then the woman starts going MAGA, MAGA, MAGA”. In what sounded like a mean, angry and derogatory rendition. (MORE BELOW.)

Brandon Walker, who has great reporting skills, went to the councilwoman’s home. And there was no answer at her address.  

Brandon noticed on Kelley Burke’s Face Book page that she belongs to a group called, “Mom’s demand answers for gun sense in America.”

This isn’t about politics – rather they say it’s a lesson in RESPECT. – Brandon Walker (VIDEO BELOW.)

Mr. Walker then interviewed a resident in the City of West U, Kathryn Faherty. She very sagely said, “We have a right in this country to express our political opinions. It’s in our First Amendment. And those teenagers have that right.”

Another resident said, “They were expressing their views. And she can actually express hers too. But that’s not the way to approach it.”

WATCH reporter Brandon Walker of KPCR, Houston, Texas. 

Mayor Susan Sample says that Burke has since apologized to one of the teenagers.

Drop a message below and let us know if you think this sort of unhinged public behavior really is more about RESPECT than politics.

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