Moments Ago, President Trump Did What No One Was Expecting, Changing ALL THE RULES

USA OPEN FOR BUSINESS! That is the message the backdrop sports, while it stands out bold and loud with about 20 of America’s sharpest business minds.

Smack in the middle is President Trump, where he attended the round table discussion on tax reform today, in White Sulpher Springs, WV. (Video Below)

You know how they say you should ‘break the ice’ with the audience before giving a speech? Well, our President did just that and more. He tossed his prepared speech to the audience, much to the delight of the crowd!

This is how it went down:

Big bad Don says, “This would have been my remarks. It would have taken about two minutes .. but to hell with it.” And, as reported by Ryan Saavedra, “he decided to throw out his prepared remarks — literally.” The crowd showed its delight by whooping, laughing, and clapping!

Then, with a big grin on our President’s face, he continued, “That would have been a little boring. A little boring. Now, I am reading off the first paragraph, and I said this is boring. We have to say it like is. We have to get Republicans in office.” (VIDEO BELOW)

The replies to the President and his obvious desire to tell the truth were OUTSTANDING!

And, it is obvious that President Trump cares more about communicating with the people in an authentic manner than sticking to a prepared speech.

If anyone for one second ever questions President Trump’s transparency and honesty, show them the video below! 

Support for President Trump came fast and swift from the American people! (See ALL tweets below.)
Jeff said, “This is why he was elected #TrumpTrain #MAGA!” Chance, who is appreciating our President’s paper tossing skills said, “ITS ALL IN THE FLICK OF THE WRIST”!

Additionally, a fellow American joined in and kept it simple, she said, “Got to love the guy!” And Brandon broke it down real by saying, “Such a bada$$ time to be an American!”

Do you like POTUS’s style?

In closing, we would like to hear from you below. Let us know if you really like President Trump’s style and if you appreciate his willingness to keep it real, and not like a standard politician.

And just in case anyone missed President Trump’s message…it was “we have to get Republicans in office”. Are you planning on voting in the 2018?

We would also like to say “thanks” to Ryan Saavedra who is a reporter at h/t Daily Wire.

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