Mueller Won’t Sleep Tonight After What Levin Just UNVEILED About Him On Live TV

Image Source: Video Screen grabs & Wash Post. USA 4 Trump Compilation

Should Trump’s lawyers let Mueller interview President Trump? 

President Trump’s legal eagle team has been going back and forth and negotiating with the Mueller collusion delusion team to get President Trump to speak with Mueller. (VIDEO BELOW) 

Many suggest this is a trap that Mueller is trying to set, and suggesting that Mueller is part of the “Impeach Trump” swamp team.

Additionally, as reported by Fox News, “advisers have cautioned the President that Mueller may be attempting to bait him into agreeing to a potentially risky in-person interview, according to the paper [The Washington Post]”. 

Since it was Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein who hired Mueller, it is thought that Rosenstein is not acting in the best interest of the Country, but rather what is best for the “Impeach 45” team.

Alan Dershowitz (Liberal) and Joe diGenova (Republican) are two the greatest legal minds in the country. And both are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. (VIDEO BELOW)

But one of the things they agree on – which is rare – is that “Rod Rosenstein’s conduct from the beginning of the investigation has been a DISGRACE, legally and every other way. He is an EMBARRASSMENT to the Administration.” To read more and see the video click here.

Recently, Levin has a thing or two to say about the “rogue prosecutor who is investigating nothing!” Mark Levin was on the Hannity show Thursday night and dropped a major TRUTH bomb on the witch hunt situation.

Hannity and Levin were discussing if President Trump is obligated to speak to Mueller. President Trump comes from the perspective that he is innocent of collusion so he has nothing to hide. Plus, collusion is not a crime. So why not speak to the lead investigator?  (VIDEO BELOW) 

Levin warns – like many others – that this may be a trap! This is what Levin laid down when Sean asked him if the POTUS should allow himself to be interviewed by Mueller.

“No! And let me tell you. I wouldn’t allow him to speak for his sake, or for the SAKE OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY! This is a ROGUE PROSECUTOR, who is INVESTIGATING NOTHING!” 

Watch as LEVIN lays into Mueller and Rosenstein! (VIDEO BELOW) 

Should Trump’s lawyers let Mueller interview President Trump? 

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