With Just A Single BOLD Statement, Trey Gowdy Becomes A Major Thorn In The Side To Illegal Immigrants

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The issue of immigration and border security has become a front and center topic in America. And Trey Gowdy is ready to give his two cents on the matter.

In a recent sit-down with Varney & Co. On Fox, Gowdy was asked for his opinion on the matter of border integrity and his response was epic. See Below


Trey Gowdy defended the President’s decision to secure the southern border and issued his own opinion, which falls closely in line with the President. In his interview with Fox, Gowdy stated:

No country should ever apologize for border integrity. The President is right. It’s a misdemeanor to cross the border without permission.”



The Law Is The Law!

Whether you like it or not, the law is the law. And America went through several years of the law not being held up by our leaders in regards to border security.

When President Trump was elected, he promised to restore law and order. And that is exactly what America is seeing occur right before our eyes. And it sends a unifying message when Gowdy and other lawmakers stand with the President to see his mission through.

What do you think about Gowdy’s latest remarks? Scroll down below and let us know!

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  1. Trey Howdy should replace Jeff Sessions. Trey is a bulldog and he would help drain the swamp.I think he is a great American,GOD Bless, Trey

  2. God BLESS you TREY GOWDY and thank you!👍👍👍💟💞💖🌹

  3. Trey Gowdy U ARE THE BEST! Wish every person could be like U!!! I try not to miss any of ur speeches!!!

  4. Will miss you. God Bless you and family. Thank you for your service.

  5. Amen!!!!

  6. Totally agree with Mr Gowdy and President Trump!! Restore and enforce the law and keep our borders SECURE…

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