Here Is A List Of 20 Sponsors To BOYCOTT & Hit Jimmy Kimmel Where It Hurts

Image Source: Video screen shots. USA 4 TRUMP Compilation

Jimmy Kimmel the low rated late night show host hit a new low. As if he couldn’t go any lower, he did.

He continues his anti-Trump bashing proving he has no class, while more viewers are tuning him out. (Video Below)

Last Monday night the liberal host viciously mocked and attacked First Lady Melania Trump for her foreign accent during the Easter festivities at the White House.

Jealous Jimmy Kimmel laughed at the First Lady for reading a children’s story to the kids on the White House lawn.

Jimmy Kimmel crossed the line in a desperate act to be relevant. Kimmel will never have what President Trump has, and he can’t stand it.

Sean Hannity of Fox News stepped up and slammed late night host Jimmy Kimmel Thursday in a heated twitter war, and then on live TV. Hannity took to twitter exposing Kimmel’s hypocrisy after his shameful attack. (Video Below)

Liberals think they can make fun of and attack conservatives without backlash. But, when someone stands up to them, they can’t take the heat. It’s good to finally see conservatives with spines.

Hannity stood up for the First Lady against the attacks. And, now you can too.

We have provided a list of sponsors for Jimmy Kimmels late night show: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (See below)

This list is acquired from Sponsor Feedback:

  1. Applebee’s
  2. Buick
  3. Chase Bank
  4. Claritin
  5. Crown Royal
  6. Dairy Queen
  7. Delta Faucets
  8. Etrade
  9. Gillette
  10. Kia
  11. Lexus
  12. Liquid Plumr
  13. Mitsubishi Cars
  14. Nicorette
  15. Nissan
  16. Oscar Meyer
  17. Red Bull
  18. Slim Jim
  19. Twix
  20. Volvo

Watch Sean Hannity trash Jimmy Kimmel for mocking the First Lady below: 


Spot on Hannity. Thank you for standing up for the President and his family. It’s time conservatives speak out against the attacks and stop laying down like dogs, while the left continues their vicious attacks.

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