Charlie Daniels’ Frightening Warning On The Cohen Raid Is One Every American Needs To Take Heed Of

Charlie Daniels lays it down regarding "new" citizen rights. Photo credit to 700 Club & Hannity Screen Captures and US4Trump compilation.Charlie Daniels lays it down regarding "new" citizen rights. Photo credit to 700 Club & Hannity Screen Captures and US4Trump compilation.

Let’s start by playing a quick game of “name that tune”! Does anyone recall the song that has the lyrics in it, “Fire on the Mountain, run, boys, run! The Devil´s in the house of the rising sun”?

If  you guessed “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” by Charlie Daniels, then give yourself a medal! And if you didn’t, better luck next time. Everyone does not get a trophy! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Devil didn’t go to Georgia, though. The Devil went to Michael Cohen’s homes and raided them early yesterday morning.

President Trump is Cohen’s only client. Mueller’s team, asked the New York justices to sign a search warrant. And Cohen awakened to find himself being raided. Just. Like. That.

No subpoena. Just a straight on raid. For what? Well, it’s about a 150k or so payment to a porn star for a consensual affair that occurred a decade ago or so.

If a raid seems a bit overboard. Well, that’s because it is. It is also a signal to the rest of us. If this kind of stripping of private rights can be done to the President of the United States, then what can they do to you and I? (MORE BELOW.)

Charlie Daniels nails it on the head when he tweets, “Does whats happening to president Trump mean that now if the authorities decide to investigate a citizen they can keep changing the charge and the latitudes of the investigation any time they want to? Is that the new justice?”

WATCH as President Trump reacts to losing his private client attorney privilege. Does he sound like he is raging, lashing out or attacking anyone, to you? 

Many reports by left-wing news organizations are saying that President Trump is lashing out or letting loose or raging or attacking Mueller. CNN even claims POTUS is likely to fire Mueller now. Which is not true.

Also, listen to how calm he is. Clearly, he is being very honest. The raid on his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is the attack. Why did they not send a subpoena first to Attorney Cohen? Or raid HRC’s home(s) or Attorney(s) after she did not honor the subpoena regarding the deleted emails?

President Trump tweets, “Attorney–client privilege is dead!” and that raiding Cohen’s homes is “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!”

In ending, do you think Charlie Daniel has a frightening point? Is this the “new justice’?

Specifically, is this deeply disturbing behavior by law enforcement what we can expect, as well? What does this mean to our own private rights? Drop a line below and let us know what you think.

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