Joy Behar Catches Fire After Unleashing More Derogatory Remarks, This Time About Trump

Joy Behar of the low ranking talk show, The View, says Putin and Rocket Man are more sane than POTUS. Photo credit to screen capture by US4Trump.Joy Behar of the low ranking talk show, The View, says Putin and Rocket Man are more sane than POTUS. Photo credit to screen capture by US4Trump.

Meghan McCain actually defended President Trump on The View yesterday! And Joy sat there with what appeared to be marbles in her mouth as a result!

Joy actually says Putin and Rocket Man are more sane than the President of The United States. Very disheartening statement. It is as if Joy is clueless as to how Vladmir and Kim rule their regimes.

This is what Joy says of our President: 

We have gotten to a point in the world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong-Un and Putin over the President of the United States.” Behar appears to believe that communist leaders are preferable to an American leader!

It is a good thing Meghan McCain was in attendance. She rocks Joy’s boat and sets her straight! And the audience unanimously agrees with Meghan!

Meghan quickly enters the conversation and defends POTUS with this intense and common sense life-preserver. Meghan is on FIRE! She says to Joy, “My issue is a moral relativism between someone like Kim Jong-Un and Putin and President Trump. I think it’s easy to sorta sit here and say that but the reason…” Meghan trails off as Joy jumps in and interrupts her. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Behar actually needs to clarify if the communist dictator, Kim Jong-Un, is more or less moral than the POTUS. Joy asks, “Wait…wait…wait. Do you think that Kim Jong-Un is less moral than Trump? Do you?”

Meghan appears flabbergasted, as she responds, “Oh my gah. I think the chemical gassing of children…last time I checked, America isn’t doing THAT to anyone!”  The audience erupts in very loud cheers and whoops at this point. The audience is in complete agreement with Meghan.

It is not clear how Joy Behar would side with two communist dictators over an American President. But she did. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH BELOW As Meghan BESTS Behar on what a communist dictator really is all about!

Of course, Twitter blew up in defense of POTUS as well. Paul Joseph Watson stepped up and completely agrees with Meghan McCain also. He says, “Joy Behar says Kim Jong-un has more sanity than Trump. Kim Jong-un is the hereditary dictator of a country that imprisons, tortures and kills hundreds of thousands of political dissidents. This is the level of hysteria we’ve reached.” 

Do you think Meghan and Paul are correct? That these are hysterical times when talk show hosts think Communist leaders are more sane than an American POTUS?

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