The Curse Of Friday The Thirteenth Just Hit Rod Rosenstein And It’s Horrifying

Rod Rosenstein impeachment papers drafted. Photo credit to Fox screen capture.Rod Rosenstein impeachment papers drafted. Photo credit to Fox screen capture.

Shortly after lunch on Capitol Hill, the award-winning Fox News reporter who covers Congress sent a tweet out. His name is Chad Pergram. And he has Rod Rosenstein shaking in his boots!

Consequently, Rosenstein has every reason to be worried for his future in D.C.

Additionally, yesterday, on Thursday while the White House was busy preparing for the day, a meeting was called.

President Trump wanted to speak with Rod Rosenstein. Rumors swirled on the Hill that Rosenstein would be fired. That was not the case.

What is true is that articles of impeachment have been drawn!

The Gateway Pundit reports, “Fox has learned that articles of impeachment have been drafted for Rosenstein..though not filed. It is not clear which lawmaker drafted the articles…or if they would go anywhere in cmte or on the flr.” (TWEET BELOW.)

See Chad Pergram’s tweet below.

In a report by ABC entitled “Trump legal confidant Joe diGenova urges president to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein” it appears the possibility may be very real.

Check out the video of Rosenstein leaving the White House yesterday. Specifically, this is how the rumor was started that he would be fired.


ABC reports, “Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein seen on video leaving the White House this afternoon. He met with Pres. Trump “regarding routine Department business,” White House says.

In ending, do you believe McCabe, Rosenstein and Comey were all in this together?

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