Newt Gingrich Comes Forward & Exposes The Tragic Thing Mueller Is Doing To The Constitution

Newt Gingrich tears up the airwaves with talk on Bill of Rights. Photo credit to US4Trump and screen captures.Newt Gingrich tears up the airwaves with talk on Bill of Rights. Photo credit to US4Trump and screen captures.

As New York City was bustling early this morning, the radio airwaves were buzzing with the sound of Newt Gingrich calling the Mueller investigation “a ‘breakdown’ of the U.S. Constitution.”

“In an interview with AM 970 in New York, the staunch supporter of President Trump pointed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s email investigation as evidence of a double standard that Gingrich said Americans are sick of seeing” reports The Hill. (Radio Recording Below.)

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich speaks out on the Bill of Rights. 

Newt is discussing the raiding of Michael Cohen’s homes. Cohen is a personal attorney for the President of the United States. What this means for ordinary American’s like you and me is truly tragic. It’s frightening to think that our 4th Amendment rights are being impeded by coercion from the FBI.

Newt begins by saying, “What’s really striking to me is, you have Hillary Clinton erase 33,000 emails. You have her staff deeply involved. Do any of them get visited at 3 in the morning? Do any of them lose their lawyer-client privilege? No. It is so one-sided.”

Then he continues, “This is why we have a Bill of Rights. I think what we’re watching is a breakdown of the whole concept of constitutional rule of law. I think it’s really very sobering, and a real threat to every American.“ (Radio Recording Below.) 


Do you agree with Newt?

In ending, it as if the FBI is wiggling around the room inside the law. How a Judge signed off on the raid is concerning. They are not suppose to be able to coerce anyone to testify against someone else.

It is like America has regressed back to the J. Edgar Hoover days, when the FBI acted on their own. What is next? McCarthyism, when all you have to do is make the allegation with no proof? In closing, do you want the FBI to enforce the law or make the law? (VIDEO BELOW.) 


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