ALLIES TO ENEMIES: McCabe BLASTS Comey Amid Latest Book Tour Statements

McCabe and Comey pointing fingers at one another in blow out over who is and who is not lying! Photo credit to US4Trump with CSPAN screen captures.McCabe and Comey pointing fingers at one another in blow out over who is and who is not lying! Photo credit to US4Trump with CSPAN screen captures.

The more Comey goes on his Nationwide book tour. The more he implicates himself! Recently, disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey appeared on The View!

During the interview, he states that HE was the one who ordered the investigation into the “McCabe” case. This is in direct opposition to what McCabe’s attorney states!

It begs the question…who is the fibber, McCabe or Comey? 

The finger-pointing has officially begun! During The View interview, the Washington Examiner reports Comey as stating the following: “The McCabe case illustrates what an organization that’s committed to the truth looks like.”

Specifically, he says, “We investigated — I ordered that investigation. We investigate and hold people accountable,” Comey said Wednesday morning. “I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person.”

Comey continues, “But the Inspector General found that he lied, and there are severe consequences in the Justice Department for lying as there should be throughout the government.” (MORE BELOW.)

This is in complete opposition to what McCabe’s lawyers say on the same day as Comey’s comment! The McCabe attorney’s contradict with this: “Neither Mr. Comey nor the OIG is infallible, and in this case neither of them has it right.” 

With the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts, Michael Horowitz concluded in the Inspector General report that “when asked on four separate occasions who provided the information to the Wall Street Journal, McCabe said he did not authorize the disclosure to the reporter, which was not true” per the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner also reports that, “McCabe also misled Comey about what he authorized the FBI aides to tell the reporter” according to the IG report. To read the 39 page report in FULL click HERE. (MORE BELOW.)

Also, if you would like to read more on the new investigation of the corrupt Obama-era State Department that Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) recommended then click here.

In closing, do you think it is Comey doing the lying or McCabe? Will they both walk away with no jail time? Sound off below!

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