Don Lemon Launches Horrific New Attack Against President Trump, Instantly Regrets It

Source: Youtube

Don Lemon just jumped the shark and took the whole CNN network with him over the cliff. What a joke this guy is and why does CNN still have him on the air?

His ratings are terrible and the only way he stays in the news is by attacking President Trump.

His act is getting old and tired and he should hang it up before it is too late.

Don Lemon, speaking of the horrific attack at the Waffle House actually said this:

From the Hill:

“It would be nice if he tweeted about the four people who lost their lives in the Waffle House, the four black people who lost their lives, and the black hero from that, but not unless it’s a Muslim does he tweet about something like that,” Lemon said on “CNN Tonight” on Monday. 

What an absolute disgrace.

Just so Don Lemon knows, the guy who shot up the place, Travis Reinking, tried to do the same to Trump at the White House but was caught trying to sneak on to White House grounds.

Think of it – this lunatic tried to do serious harm to the President of the United States and then he actually does harm to innocent people at some random Waffle House and Don Lemon has the nerve to attack Trump for it?

A new low, even for CNN, don’t you agree?

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