STRIKE OUT: After The Curveball Sarah Threw At Schiff, He’s Left Crying On Dugout Bench

Sarah Sanders throws Schiff the proverbial curveball! Image Source: Video Screen Shots. Edited and Collaborated by US4Trump.Sarah Sanders throws Schiff the proverbial curveball! Image Source: Video Screen Shots. Edited and Collaborated by US4Trump.

In a Tuesday twister, President Trump tweets the news that there was another leak regarding the Russia Mueller probe! And Sarah Sanders knocked it out of the ballpark with her curveball response.

Francesca Chambers reporter for The Daily Mail, sets questions up to refute Schiff’s accusatory comments, she says, “Sarah, on the list of 44 questions.” Then Francesca continues, “the President said today that the leak was disgraceful.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The reporter is referring to the tweet President Trump issued this morning where he states, “So disgraceful that the questions concerning the Russian Witch Hunt were “leaked” to the media.”

Then the pro conservative reporter asks Sarah about the media who are running the narrative that the White House and even the President himself leaked the questions! Francesca asks, “But a former assistant to special counsel Robert Mueller has suggested that the White House is behind it.”

It seems unlikely that the White House leaked the questions to The New York Times! And even more unlikely the President leaked the questions to the media!

Sarah, very professionally, refers the reporter to the President’s personal Attorney since it deals with the special counsel. Ms. Chambers then hilariously asks about what Adam Schiff has been spewing to put his nonsense to rest. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Daily Mail reporter asks, “Is the White House concerned, as Congressman Adam Schiff has said that so many of the questions point to obstruction of justice.”

And Sarah knocks it out of the park! She says, “We, here at the White House, try never to be concerned with anything dealing with Adam Schiff.”

This caused several of the press corp to break out in laughter! And one reporter thanked Sarah for her answer! (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH Sarah issue her curveball to Adam Schiff! 

Are you glad to see some reporters trying to tamp down Adam Schiff (CA-D) and his ridiculous narrative?

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