HEADS JUST ROLLED: Judge Jeanine Just Exposed Seven Leakers That The Media Is Covering Up For

Judge Pirro calls out the liars and leakers in the corrupt Obama era administration. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture.Judge Pirro calls out the liars and leakers in the corrupt Obama era administration. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture.

The Judge railed against #Spygate and exposed the seven leakers of the Obama administration. She discussed the lies they have perpetrated upon the American people.

Furthermore, after exposing each of them, she said, “I for one am sick and tired of these liars, leakers and liberals attacking our President when they are the ones who tried to frame him.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Who are the seven leakers and liars?

First, there is McCabe, who lied so many times that he was actually fired from the FBI.

Then she calls out Comey, starting with his stunt in releasing classified memos which were leaked to the NYT. And his consistent fibs since that time.

Then Lynch, who lied about her fake email account that she created to discuss with the FBI about her “infamous tarmac meeting with Clinton.”  (MORE BELOW PHOTO.) 

Furthermore, Clapper. The latest lie is about spies being and then not being in the Trump campaign. And since he is being paid by CNN, it seems he lies “every time he opens his mouth.”

Moreover, there’s Brennan, who lied and said the dossier was not evidence in the 2016 Investigation. And clearly, we all know it was used in a FISA warrant. (MORE BELOW.)

Oh and what about Susan Rice! Not only did she lie about the video being the reason Benghazi happened, she also lied about the unmasking!

Then there is Obama himself. Just before President Trump’s inauguration, Obama created “new rules that allowed intelligence, historically protected within one agency, to be spread across at least 16 agencies. Signaling to his people, ‘let it all hang out and leak your heart away on Trump’.”

In closing, Judge Jeanine says to the leftists who are attacking our President, “Here’s a primer for all of you: if you’re going to set up a President to try to frame him, do it against someone who’s dumber than YOU are.”


In ending, do you agree with Judge Jeanine Pirro when she says the Deep State can’t keep their stories straight?

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