Schumer And Pelosi Terrified After Reviewing Results Of A Fresh National Poll

Reuters Poll indicate the blue wave is now a trickle for the 2018 mid-terms. Photo credit to US4Trump screen captures and compilation.Reuters Poll indicate the blue wave is now a trickle for the 2018 mid-terms. Photo credit to US4Trump screen captures and compilation.

Historically, a President who wins an election away from the incumbent party, typically loses the House and Senate during their first mid-term elections when the winner’s party is the majority.

In other words, since President Trump won the election away from the Democrats. And currently, McConnell and Ryan are the Republican Senate and House majority leaders, respectively. Then typically, the mid-terms would turn the majority back over to the Democrats. In this case, Schumer and Pelosi. (MORE BELOW.)

But this was not a typical Presidential election. Nor does it appear to be stacking up as a typical 2018 mid-term election! 

The Democrats have been touting a “blue wave” so mammoth that it would make a tsunami of epic proportions appear minimal. However, the American people do not appear to be buying into their marketing strategy.

Perhaps, it’s because the Democrat play-book strategy consists of “impeach Trump” and “repeal the Tax Cut Plan.” Or maybe it was the influence of  Kayne West standing up and saying it’s okay to think for ourselves.

Or was it Pelosi herself? She has been running around the country doubling down on repealing the historic tax cut! Apparently, America isn’t picking up what she is throwing down. (MORE BELOW.)

Furthermore, Dems are absolutely terrified after the Reuters May 17th, 2018 – 5 day rolling poll. The poll indicates the beginning of the potential demise of the much hoped for “blue wave.”

Reuters reports the results, of the 1,338 responses, 38.1% would vote for a Republican candidate. With the Democrats trailing for the first time at 36.7%.

The margin isn’t huge, but the fact that it even exists does not bode well for the Democrats! This does not mean voting Republicans should rest on their laurels! NOW is the time to make sure you are registered to vote for the 2018 mid-terms in your State! (SEE BELOW.)

Click here to find out about voting for the mid-terms in your State.

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