FED JUDGE ORDER: Tom Fitton Walks Away With A Key Victory Against The DOJ

DOJ ordered to produce Fusion GPS documents. Image credit to US4Trump with twitter and screen grab compilation.DOJ ordered to produce Fusion GPS documents. Image credit to US4Trump with twitter and screen grab compilation.

America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton is taking care of business for the American people again! This time, he’s forcing the hand of the DOJ!

Turn back the clock to April 22. Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit back THEN to have Nellie and Bruce Ohr’s documents turned over to the American people. Click here to read more.

After numerous stonewall tactics by the DOJ, “Judicial Watch announced U.S. District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton instructed the Justice Department to immediately begin producing records about DOJ communications with Nellie Ohr, the wife of senior DOJ official Bruce Ohr.”

JW continues, “Nellie Ohr worked for Clinton campaign vendor Fusion GPS on the anti-Trump Dossier campaign document.”

Yesterday, the embattled current Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein underwent a hearing on Captiol Hill. Rep Trey Gowdy brought up the Nellie Ohr connection to Fusion GPS.

Trey said, “And then we have a prosecutor assigned to this conflict of interest-free team that attended what he hoped to be a victory party for Sec. Clinton.”

Then Gowdy reminds everyone, “We have a senior DOJ official [recently demoted associate deputy AG Bruce Ohr], with an office that used to be two doors down from yours, meeting with Fusion GPS… who was paying for Russian dirt on the very person they’re supposed to be objectively investigating.

Gowdy decisively places the last nail in the coffin and says, “And then that same senior DOJ official that met with Fusion GPS, his wife was on the payroll of Fusion GPS.” 

In ending, are you impressed with the work Judicial Watch is doing? Drop a line to Tom below and let him know he is doing a GREAT job for the American people!

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