Teen Who Had MAGA Hat Stolen At Whataburger Gets The Surprise Of His Life From Pres Trump

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The teenage Trump supporter who was assaulted and had his hat stolen by a man at Whataburger restaurant in San Antonio, TX, received a special gift from the President on Wednesday.

President Trump followed through on a promise by his son, Don Jr., that was made a day following the incident involving the teenager and his friends while dining at the fast food restaurant.

The teenager had his drink poured on him and his Make America Great Again hat stolen by a man who was later identified as 30 year Kino Jimenez. You can read more on the incident by clicking HERE.

The story soon went viral, on social media, eventually catching the eye of Donald Trump Jr. who then promised to have his father send a replacement hat. Only this MAGA hat would be specially autographed by the President himself. You can read more on Don Jr.’s promise made to the teen by CLICKING HERE.

And that is exactly what happened on Wednesday, as a photo surfaced online showing the autographed hat that the teenager received earlier in the day.

See Photo Below

San Antonio’s local news reporter Joe Galli tweeted a picture that surfaced on Wednesday showing the teenager’s newly-received signed MAGA hat from the President, which can be seen below.

Galli tweeted:

: Teen who made national news after having hat stolen at a San Antonio fast food restaurant just got this in the mail. A hat signed by @realDonaldTrump.” See Image Below

Teen Who Had Hat Stolen At Whataburger  Receives Signed MAGA Hat From President Trump

Wow! What an awesome replacement!

MAGA hat thief Kino Jimenez, on the other hand, has since been fired from his job and was booked on a theft charge by the San Antonio police.

In ending, do you think the teenager was properly compensated by the President after what he went through? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!