Peter Strzok Forgets Camera Is Rolling, What He Does Next Will Creep You Out

Strzok interviews in public hearing on Capitol Hill. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.Strzok interviews in public hearing on Capitol Hill. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.

Peter Strzok woke up Thursday morning all smug and secure for his BIG day on Capitol Hill! Furthermore, he displayed for the entire world to see, his incredible attempt at virtue signaling with his unbelievable responses to Congress!

There was no other greater moment for Peter, however, than when he danced in his chair while Rep Mark Walker (R-NC) interviews the embattled FBI Agent Strzok. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Holly Bowie tweeted this three-second video vine that she filmed from her television set while watching the hearing live on Fox News. Stzok’s demeanor, attitude and chair dance is so disturbing, it caused American’s to question whether it was altered.

Check it out below. CREEPY warning! Those with sensitivity toward scary and odd behaviors please use caution while watching. 

Holly tweets, “I foresee this being used as a meme or gif.


Robert Morgan asked the hard hitting question American patriot’s want to know. He tweets to Holly, “Is this actually real or has it been manipulated in some way?” Moreover, Holly answers back with the full unadulterated video to prove it is 100% for real!

Holly responds back, “Completely real. I personally recorded it from my tv. I was so shocked when I saw it and played it back, I only cut the first part of the arguing. This is the full recording I captured. I couldn’t believe it.” Click here to see Holly’s entire clip.

During the hearing, Rep Walker was interviewing Strzok when the strange chair dance and creepy facial expressions over-took Peter Strzok.

Is the stress getting to him? Or is it as simple as James Woods said, “When your girlfriend is more important than your wife, your politics more important than your country, and your ego more important than history.” Click here and here for more on Woods and Strzok.


Additionally, Raven has been blocked on twitter by  

We think we know why. Maybe it’s because of the brilliant way Raven calls out CNN! Raven writes, “Does Peter Strzok know he’s on live TV….? What a creep ROFL .” (ROFL=roll on floor laughing.) The hashtag, though! CNN Credibility crisis!

In ending, okay, America! It’s your turn to sound off! Tell us your best word to describe Peter Strzok’s odd gestrures!

What’s your take on his attitude during the subpoenaed public congressional hearing? Smug, creepy, deranged, self-satisfied, crazy? Tell us below in comments what YOU think! Additionally, hit the subscribe button for more!

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