PINK SLIP READY: What DeSantis Just Unveiled Confirms Why Strzok Should Be Out The Door

DeSantis speaks out on Page and Strzok testimonies. Image credit to US4Trump video screen capture compilation.DeSantis speaks out on Page and Strzok testimonies. Image credit to US4Trump video screen capture compilation.

A few hours ago, Representative Ron DeSantis (FL-R) joined Fox and Friends for an honest explanation of the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok testimonies.

Additionally, DeSantis announces that Lisa Page will be back on Monday to continue the closed-door deposition.

It appears that Lisa Page is cooperating with the Congressional oversight committees. And in direct contrast, Peter Strzok is NOT cooperating.

Furthermore, during the segment, it is reported that Lisa Page is giving Congress MORE information.

Specifically, the question becomes what implications does this have for her other half of the anti-Trump FBI duo, Peter Strzok?

DeSantis says, “she was actually willing to answer questions. With Peter Strzok, as you guys saw on National TV,  as we had seen when we did the deposition with him. It was like pulling teeth. He was always very coy, he didn’t want to really answer a lot of the questions. He claims he wanted to but just said he wasn’t able to.”

The Florida representative, who is running for Governor continues, “So the cooperation was much different. And I think, when she comes back on Monday, hopefully, we will get all the rest of the questions answered.”

Fox News tweets,  “.: “I think Strzok’s testimony really left a lot of American frustrated because he was not honest, not credible in explaining his actions and yet he’s still on the payroll of the FBI. Why is he still getting a paycheck from the American taxpayer?”  

Moreover, DeSantis would like to see the release of the Lisa Page deposition transcripts released to the American people. He believes in complete transparency.

Furthermore, DeSantis makes the point that if Congress would lay down the sanctions as in holding Strzok in contempt of Congress then maybe officials would not continue to “hem and haw.”

Specifically, he was talking about the way that Lois Lerner pleads the fifth during the IRS scandal. And Strzok refusing to answer questions during his public hearing.

In closing, do you agree with Congressman DeSants? Do you believe that Strzok came across as “not honest” and “not credible”? Drop your comment below and let us know what you’re thinking. And hit the subscribe button to join more conversations!

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