Trump Sends Wave Of Panic Up Dems’ Alley With What He Unleashed On The 2020 Election

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During his trip abroad, President Trump allowed Daily Mail’s Piers Morgan on Air Force One for an interview.

They covered a range of subjects during the interview, including his thoughts on meeting Queen Elizabeth, what he thinks about the current immigration problem Europe is facing and his strategy on dealing with Kim Jong Un and Putin. But one of the most notable subjects covered involved prospects of the 2020 election cycle that’s only a couple of years away. (Continued Below)

Morgan complimented Trump, saying he looks fit, which Trump responded that he “feels good.”

When asked if there should be any doubt on him running in the 2020 election, Trump responded:

‘Well you never know what happens with health and other things…I fully intend to. It seems like everybody wants me to.’

And then Trump dropped a bomb on Democrats when asked about who he may have to contend in 2020. See Below

Piers asked Trump, “Do you see a Democrat who can possibly beat you?”

Trump responded:

“No. I don’t see anybody. I know them all and I don’t see anybody. They do not have the right candidate.”

As confident as President Trump was in his interview, Democrats are likely scrambling. And they may need to consider going back to the drawing board because their current rumored candidates would face a difficult time one-on-one with an unpredictable man like Trump.

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Trump was an outsider, and non-politician when he initially won in 2016. But now that he has gained more experience in the political ring, and 3 promises, Democrats will need more than the same-old-same-old that they currently have to choose from.

Here is video of him during the 2016 election taliking about how much winning he would do, which he has since fulled:

In ending, what do you think of President Trump’s chances in 2020? Fo you think any rumored Democrat candidate stands a chance against him? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!

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